Who Is Veridian?


We want the world to wear high quality apparel with the coolest designs on the intrawebs.

Veridian Global was born when two like-minded fantasy footballers connected over Twitter during COVID-19. They had an idea, some downtime, and, a passion for delivering the best designs on the internet. 

At Veridian, we strive to create contemporary designs on the highest quality material with comfort at the centre of each piece of apparel. Our designs might not be for everyone, but, we love them and stand by them.

If we wouldn't wear it, we wouldn't expect you to either! 

Co-Founder - @itsharristime 

Harris grew up in a small town and grew up right(ish). A long time mediocre to OK athlete, he's hung up his blades and cleats to do what he does best: be a Dad. 

The only thing that comes close to Will's passion for being a Dad is his love for fantasy football, obscure tight ends, and being the digital executive in charge of the day to day @ Veridian. Will founded the CNBBCL, which Veridian is a proud to sponsor. You can learn more about where the best Canadian fantasy footballers play here.

Will's work can be found at www.breakoutfinder.com and he is a proud member of True North Fantasy Football where you can also find his content (articles, videos, podcasts).

Head Designer and Co-Founder - @MasterJune70

@MasterJune70 is the beauty behind Veridian Global. His designs have great depth, intelligence, grace, humour, and his passion shows through in each piece he creates. @MasterJune70 has a background in Advertising Design and has worked with some of the largest brands in fantasy football.

He's an offical Minshewaficianado,a Buccs fan before it was cool, and a father to a beautiful daughter.

Going by the moniker "MinshewBrofist" is fitting for his love of The Stache, and his unwavering commitment to his friends and fantasy football. The talented graphic designer (artist) is always willing to talk football, and, can make even the wildest designs a reality. @MasterJune70 is a contributor to www.playerprofiler.com and a member of The Undroppables.