Canadian National Best Ball Champions League

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Canadian National Best Ball Champions League- Winning At Every Turn


The CNBBCL is a 100% for charity seasonal fantasy football best ball league. Its goal was to unite Canadian fantasy footballers from coast to coast and has two simple goals:

1) Crown a Canadian Best Ball Champion

2) Raise money for good causes nation wide and in our local communities

The league started in the spring of 2020 during the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. It was born out of Canadians connecting via an All Canadian Fantasy Football group on Twitter, created by the founders of True North Fantasy Football.

What started off as a single 16 team league, quickly grew to multiple conferences and a long waiting list exists for additional conferences to open up.

2020 CNBBCL Champion

We are happy to have our first EVER Canadian National Best Ball Champion. @Grady_Sas took home the inaugural CNBBCL championship with a team led by breakout rookie quarterback Justin Herbert and an incredible lineup of tight end's that included: Travis Kelce & Rob Gronkowski.

Congratulations to Grady, and to Hockey 4 Youth who was the charity that Grady's team "Justin Herbert's Hair" played for this season. 100% of the proceeds of the CNBBCL go to the winners charity and for Addiction an Mental Health research. 

How does the format work? 

  • 25 Roster Spots
  • No in season management
  • PPR
  • Superflex and Tight End Premium Scoring 
  • 16 Teams Per Conference
  • One champion

It's A Tragically Trailer Park Kind Of League


The CNBBCL's theme is uniquely Canadian: Tragically Trailer Park. It combines iconic Canadian rock group The Tragically Hip with Canadian cult classic TV show Trailer Park Boys. The champions in the CNBBCL embraced the theme, naming their teams after their favourite Hip songs and memorable Trailer Park Boys episodes. I'd even say some went as far in the later rounds of drafting players to make sure they could name their team what they wanted! The graphic work has been special as well, and Veridian Global is a proud supporter of the league, and Head Designer Marc Mathyk has added his creative flair to the design of the CNBBCL. 



Creative & Hilarious Team Names

Gord Downie Conference

Fifty Mission Kaep

38 Years Old, Never Kissed A Gurley


The Tragically Swift

Fuller Completely 

Locked in the Trunk of a Carr

A-Rob Caygeon

Bourne in the Water

Wheat Things and Tiger Kings

Blow @ High Foles


What Really Matters: Who We Play For

Everything about the CNBBCL is supposed to be fun. The one serious element outside of being crowned Canadian champ, and the most important, are the charities we are playing for. The CAMH Foundation is the title charity for the CNBBCL, and will reserve a large donation from a portion of the entry fees of the league. The remainder will be donated to the Champions charity of choice at the end of the season.

Each team is playing for a respective charity that is near and dear to their heart:

@FF_Monsters - Sick Kids
@itsharristime - CAMH
@fantasyadict604 - #fantasycares
@goldjacketqbs - @food4kidsniag
@FFgivesback - @BLM_TO
@Maydar77 - @LLSCanada
@jimmylew55 - @heartandstroke
@Bangarangwild1 - Linhaven Home for the Aged
@1littleindian -  Anishnawbe Health Foundation
@FFSwirly - Calgary Food Bank
@torontoFF8 - CAMH
@danmadegraphics - Winnipeg Children's Hospital
@Mr_Eby - Kidsport
@FF_Guitarist - @cancersociety
@biebersrealdad - @ManitobaMutts
@broadstreet28 - Niagara Dog Rescue
@joesimonetti77 - Canadian Cancer Society
@FAmmiranteTFJ - CAMH


The CNBBCL CHAMPIONS are playing for over 45+ different charities across Canada and we are happy to play a part in communities across the entire country.

The Hardware-Fantasy Football Championship

Fantasy Football Canadian National Best Ball Champions League



No championship would be complete without a trophy. Sure, bragging rights are good, but having something to put up on the mantle to tell war stories to your kids and grandkids makes it even that much more meaningful.

Through partnership with Trophy Smack and sponsorship from Monkey Knife Fight, the CNBBCL has an official league trophy. This beautiful creation by Trophy Smack will be the permanent league trophy and will be housed at CNBBCL headquarters for safe keeping, much like the infamous and irreplaceable Stanley Cup that so many Canadians dream of hoisting some day. 

Each CNBBCL "Champion" will have their name, team name and conference engraved upon the trophy, forever entrenching themselves in the annals of Canadian fantasy football history.

They will receive a championship ring and ring case that will be there's to keep and eternalize their victory. 

If you are interested in sponsorship or partnership with the CNNBCL, please contact