Reviews and Testimonials

What means the most to us is that you, the sports fan, have t-shirts, hats and hoodies that are well designed and comfortable. Put simply, gear that rocks.

Thanks for choosing to be #rockintheVgear.

Here are what people are saying about Veridian Global:

"I live in hoodies when I am not wearing a suit for work, so I have lot of them. This new GOAT District hoodie is by far my favourite!! So comfortable and the fit is a beauty!! Must own GOAT Gear...get yours now!!! You'll thank me laaaater!"

--J.D, The GOAT District Podcast

"I absolutely love it. I am 6’4 and 240 lbs and it is hard to find cloths that fit well. This one is amazing! It is hard to find clothes that are long enough in the sleeves. The quality is also amazing. It has been washed and still feels as soft as the day I bought it."

--Brian Bailey, @FF_Aviator

 "I love the two t-shirts I bought from you (The Eh Team & the Josh Allen one). They fit beautifully and I’m someone who is really picky about how my shirts fit. The design is awesome and I love how well they come out intact and looking as good as new out of the wash."

--Matt Marchese, Sportsnet590

"Veridian is the best! Awesome designs that are original and have the best players. Plus the quality is top notch. All the sizes and the shirts feel great. I highly recommend Veridian Global for all your fantasy football wear"


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