How to care for your new #rockintheVgear

Garment Care

You've just received your order. You are super excited to see your favorite fantasy football brand or player in real, vibrant colors. To keep your t-shirt looking fresh, Veridian has laid out best practices on how to keep your colors lasting and sizing right. 

  • Turn t-shirts inside out before machine washing
  • Cold water only. Do not bleach, and do not iron.
  • Hang dry is optimal or tumble dry on low heat to prevent potential shrinkage

These are #rockintheVgear Garment Care 1.01's 

Laundry Wash Symbols

One of the key factors to keep your clothes looking fresh for a long time is how you take care of them. This is where the laundry wash symbols on the care tag come in handy. Who would’ve known the care label is there for a reason other than making my back itch?

Laundry care symbols or just care symbols are small pictograms on the care label tag of a garment. These icons show washing, drying, ironing, and other instructions that help you tend to your clothes correctly. 

Let’s go through laundry symbols and what they mean, one by one!

Here is a handy wash guide to ensure that all of your garments are cared for properly: