2020 Canadian National Best Ball Fantasy Football Championship Theme: Tragically Trailer Park

It's A Tragically Trailer Park Kind Of League


The CNBBCL's 2020 theme was uniquely Canadian: Tragically Trailer Park. It combines iconic Canadian rock group The Tragically Hip with Canadian cult classic TV show Trailer Park Boys. The champions in the CNBBCL embraced the theme, naming their teams after their favourite Hip songs and memorable Trailer Park Boys episodes. 

In the later rounds, champions were drafting players to make sure they could name their team what they wanted! The graphic work has been special as well, and Veridian Global is a proud supporter of the league, and Head Designer Marc Mathyk has added his creative flair to the design of the CNBBCL. 



Creative & Hilarious Team Names

Gord Downie Conference

Fifty Mission Kaep

38 Years Old, Never Kissed A Gurley


The Tragically Swift

Fuller Completely 

Locked in the Trunk of a Carr

A-Rob Caygeon

Bourne in the Water

Wheat Things and Tiger Kings

Blow @ High Foles