Scott Fish Bowl 11 Announcement: Proceeds From Fantasy Football T-Shirts to Go To Right To Play

Scott Fish Bowl 11 Announcement: Proceeds From Fantasy Football T-Shirts to Go To Right To Play

Will Harris


Making A Difference With Indigenous Youth: Veridian Global donates Scott Fish Bowl 11 t-shirt sales to Right To Play
90% of Indigenous Youth supported by Right To Play felt more confident after joining the program

Veridian is proud to announce that the money raised from Scott Fish Bowl 11 t-shirt sales will be donated to Right To Play
For those that don't know about SFB, it is the "premier pro-am tournament in the fantasy football industry." The tournament is all about unity, having fun and doing good for charity which is why Veridian is partnering with Right To Play.
Right To Play is transforming the lives of 2.3 million children each week. Using all forms of play - games, sport, poetry, performance, dance, art and music - Right To Play creates a lasting impact by empowering children with the knowledge and skills to drive change in their lives, their families and their communities.
Veridian felt that an organization that supported play was fitting for a tournament that's a game about a game. Right To Play also struck home for owners Marc Mathyk and Will Harris because of their own roots growing up and the importance of sports in their own development.

Making A Difference With Indigenous Youth: Veridian Global donates Scott Fish Bowl 11 t-shirt sales to Right To Play 
73% of communities supported by Right To Play observed an increase in connection to local culture & history in children & youth

Another integral factor in Veridian's decision to partner with Right To Play is where both Mathyk and Harris grew up. They grew up minutes away from Indigenous reservations and were neighbours, schoolmates, friends and teammates to two different Mohawk communities. Marc and Will were both fascinated and welcomed by these communities at a young age. They understood the impactful and integral roles the Indigenous people of Canada and the world have on our collective history.

"I grew up near Six Nations Reserve, went to school with, and had friends from there. It has helped make me who I am today.

This has helped me understand that our differences are both positive and fascinating. These differences need to be acknowledged, understood, and celebrated. The First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples make up a significant part of Canada and help make our nation what it is today.

To help and support their children and future is essential to both of us because diversity is the foundation of our country. And it is what our country needs to thrive in the future. 

We are proud and humbled to put our #SFB11 donations towards Right To Play because it echoes the exact sentiment of equality and harmony. And what better way to do this than supporting the lifeline of all cultures - its children.

Thank you for all of your support during this event. You have helped a worthy, important cause."

Veridian Co-Owner, Marc Mathyk


Right To Play has over ten years of experience working directly with Indigenous communities in Canada and believe strongly that "First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples have the right to connect with and celebrate their identities, culture, and community, and to have their holistic well-being supported.'
Reaching out to Indigenous communities in 7 different Provinces and Territories, Right To Play helps establish community-led programs to teach life skills so youth can reach their full potential.
After researching and talking directly to Right To Play, Marc and Will knew that this would be the charity for their efforts around SFB11.


"Having grown up playing hockey with my Mohawk brothers and sisters, I've seen the passion and the importance of community first hand for First Nations people. Being able to make even a small impact on the lives of Indigenous children through Right To Play made this decision easy for Marc and me."

Veridian Global Co-Owner, Will Harris 


To learn more about RightToPlay, please visit their website:


Want to support our initiative? Please purchase a Scott Fish Bowl 11 t-shirt. Veridian has donated over $3000 to Right To Play through this initiative.