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Home Football Collective Brands I-Z King's Classic College Football
Home Football Collective Brands I-Z King's Classic College Football

King's Classic League College Fantasy Football

College Fantasy Football

Across the fantasy football industry, experts leagues in baseball and football are annual events for fans. For the first time, 12 college fantasy football experts add another draft to the calendar in the growing alternative-reality hobby. The CFF King’s Classic League kicks off its inaugural campaign in 2021. John Laub, the Gridiron Scholar, joins an All-American team of CFF prognosticators for the first-ever live CFF Draft at the Fantasy Football Expo in Canton Ohio.

Do you want to be a better coach and scout in Devy, Dynasty and Redraft Fantasy Football? It is time to get off the sideline and into a CFF league this year.

Three Easy Steps:

  1. Watch the King’s Classic Draft Live
  2. Join a CFF League
  3. Wear King’s Classic League Apparel
For eight years, John Laub has been one of the preeminent college fantasy football writers and experts. He has published his CFF player previews, provided CFF rankings, orchestrated the Summa Cum Laude Mock Draft and organized the CFF Joes vs. Pros leagues. He has also co-hosted the CFF: On Campus Podcast for the past three seasons.