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Home FTN Bets Collection

FTN Bets Collection

Welcome to Fade The Noise, an enterprising, cross-platform, multi-sport site dedicated to you, the committed fantasy sports player and bettor. Similar to the fingerprints stamped at various stops along the way during my 15-year journey in the fantasy sports business, the site's DNA identifies with certain signatures. Our merry band of award-winning contributors will inform, entertain and predict, hopefully at a tail-worthy clip.

You can now get the entire FTN Bets Collection here, exclusive to Veridian Global.

FTN Bets Champion Hoodie
FTN Bets T-Shirt
FTN Bets Trucker Cap
FTN Bets Embroidered Champion Packable Jacket
FTN Bets Pom-Pom Beanie
FTN Bets Flexfit Baseball Hat
FTN Bets Authentic Snapback Hat
FTN Bets Cuffed Beanie