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Quite possibly the most deliciously intense condiment on Planet Earth, and if Elon wants to send it into space, THE UNIVERSE! Hotbox Small Batch Gourmet Hot Sauce is made by none other than @Bo_McBigTime in California.

The only thing spicier than Bo's sauce are these hot threads! 

You can pick up the original Hot Box Gourmet Small Batch Hot Sauce here today

@Bo_McBigTime "Hot Box" Hot Sauce Authentic Snapback Hat
@Bo_McBigTime "Hot Box" Hot Sauce Trucker Hat
@Bo_McBigTime "Hot Box" Hot Sauce T-Shirt
@Bo_McBigTime "Hot Box" Hot Sauce Cuffed Beanie
Big Time Flavor Co Flexfit Hat
Big Time Flavor Co. Cuffed Flexfit Beanie
Big Time Flavor Co. T-Shirt
@Bo_McBigTime "Hot Box" Hot Sauce Flexfit Baseballe Hat
@Bo_McBigTime "Hot Box" Hot Sauce Pom-Pom Beanie