Fantasy football t-shirts with purpose

Veridian lives for fantasy football. This is the home to best collection of fantasy football brands on the internet, and the widest collection of unique player designs you can find. With designs like CEH The CEH Fantasy Football T-Shirt: Fresh Prince of Helaire, The Viska, Air Aiyuk and team specific designs like our Gotham City t-shirt, Bills Mafia t-shirt, and Blitzburgh t-shirt. You'll can find the perfect fantasy football t-shirt, hat or hoodie to celebrate your recent ESPN or Yahoo fantasy football championship.

Veridian- Fantasy Football T-Shirts, Hats and Hoodies

Kick Ass

Design. HeadDesigner @Masterjune70 is personally involved in each design from conception to launch to ensure that our mission statement is followed to the tee.


If we wouldn't wear it, we wouldn't sell it. Each item is armchair quarterback tested to make sure you are in the comfiest gear when football is on.


Each printed and embroidered item has been ran through our team first so it looks good when you are cheering for your team.

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What people are saying about Veridian Global Fantasy Football T-Shirts

I received my order October 20th and other than date nights, showers and work, I exclusively wear Veridian Global merchandise. Not only are the designs some of the most unique and fresh that I have come across, the clothing itself is comfort defined.

Josh "Smokey" Nelson, The SmokeShow Podcast

All I can say is as fan and supporter of Veridian global I wasn't surprised when my FF Astronauts hoodie arrived the fit is excellent and the inside is so soft and warm often its the only thing I needed to put on as my kids played in the Park!! Thank you again for making an amazing product 

Jimmy Nastic, The Gold Jackets QB Podcast

 I love the two t-shirts I bought from you (The Eh Team & the Josh Allen one). They fit beautifully and I’m someone who is really picky about how my shirts fit.

The design is awesome and I love how well they come out intact and looking as good as new out of the wash.

Matt Marchese, Sportsnet590

I absolutely love it. I am 6’4 and 240 lbs and it is hard to find cloths that fit well. This one is amazing! It is hard to find clothes that are long enough in the sleeves. The quality is also amazing. It has been washed and still feels as soft as the day I bought it.

Brian Bailey, @FF_Aviator

I live in hoodies when I am not wearing a suit for work, so I have lot of them. This new GOAT District hoodie is by far my favourite!! So comfortable and the fit is a beauty!! Must own GOAT Gear...get yours now!!! You'll thank me laaaater!

J.D, The GOAT District Podcast